When Google first purchased Android Inc. in 2005, it was far from a safe bet. Now, there are over 300 million Android devices in use worldwide. Why such stunning and steady growth? In large part because there are over 500,000 apps you can download for free, including Android casinos. It’s incredibly valuable to have mobile roulette, Android blackjack, and online slots games available for free on your phone. You can’t find such a wide variety of apps on

Real Money Casino Games for Android

Blackberry devices or even iPhones.
In this article, we’ll explore all key areas of Android casinos and gaming. What are ‘Droid gambling apps all about? How can you access them? What are the different kinds of apps out there, and what features does each type have? We’ll answer all these questions below. Let’s start by looking at the basics of Android casinos.


What Are Android Casinos?


Traditionally, online casinos only allowed you to play via a web-connected desktop browser. However, gamblers have increasingly shown willingness – even a preference – to mobile gambling. A recent report estimates that over $48 billion dollars will be wagered annually by the year 2015. In response to this huge market demand, online casinos have been developing

Android casinos and general mobile casinos.
Android casinos allow you to play your favorite games right from your ‘Droid. It’s not just a second-class solution, either. You can sign up, deposit, and play all from your mobile. It’s increasingly true that you don’t even need a personal computer to gamble. Right now, you could search for games, download them, deposit, and play all from your mobile device. This sense of portability is powerful for Android blackjack, roulette, and casino game players.


Real Money Casino Games Offered at Android Casinos


A common reason people give me for avoiding mobile gambling is lack of games. For some reason, there’s a belief out there that PC-based casinos offer more playing options than Android casinos. This belief is entirely unfounded. By now, pretty much every game you can find at a regular online casino you can find at an Android casino, too. Android casinos offer all the standard table games: roulette, baccarat, craps, and more. You’ll also find card games like

Android blackjack extremely popular at mobile casinos. Every Android casino, for example mobile Ruby Fortune casino, worth its salt also offers mobile slots, sometimes with tens of different machines.

Don’t worry – these mobile games aren’t reserved just for high rollers. You can usually bet at any limits you wish, within your bankroll. Whether you want to play the penny slots or bet $50 a hand at blackjack, it’s your call. Android casinos give you plenty of options so you can tailor your experience exactly the way you want it.

If you’re not ready to play for real money, no problem: most Android casinos have a practice play mode where you can explore the software free of charge. Practice play casinos are a great way to test out Android blackjack, roulette, and other casino games before you get to serious gambling.


Playing Roulette at Android Casinos


If you’re a roulette specialist, you’re in luck: Android roulette is one of the most popular mobile games out there, and pretty much every casino offers it. There are also plenty of roulette apps available through Google Play if you aren’t looking to play for real money. Overall, playing roulette on an Android is a great experience thanks to the game’s suitability for mobile development.

The roulette layout is perfectly suited for a smartphone’s rectangular screen. You’ll find reading bet types and placing chips to be super-easy, as most game pieces are the perfect size to be clicked and dragged by a fingertip. Most Android roulette software features a magnified wheel, which helps you to follow the ball’s bounce. These features make playing real money Android roulette both easy and fun.

If real money isn’t your thing, there are many play money Android roulette games available for download via Google Play. A sampling includes:

  • Roulette Royal (free), an extremely popular app with a realistic UI. If you’re looking for a play money app that replicates a real money Android casino interface, this is it.
  • RDC Roulette (free), a reasonably good-looking app that plays a simple game of roulette.
  • Roulette Assist (free), an app that helps you to identify number patterns as they appear on a roulette wheel. The idea is to learn how to identify “hot” and “cold” numbers in order to exploit unbalanced wheels. Pretty cool if you take your roulette seriously.


Playing Blackjack at Android Casinos


If you like playing blackjack, now you can play it on the go. Pretty much every Android casino has a blackjack game, and most of them are pretty well done. There are also tons of free and low-cost blackjack apps available at Google Play. There’s certainly no shortage of options for playing Android blackjack online.

Most real money Android blackjack games are simply laid out and easy to play. Yours and the dealer’s cards take up about 1/4th of available screen space, and the stand, hit, and split buttons take up another 1/4th. The remaining space is dedicated to displaying bet amounts, chips, and game options. You won’t find superfluous background graphics like you would at a PC blackjack table, which I find makes it easier to play. I can in all honesty say that playing

Android blackjack is better than playing blackjack on a PC.
Like roulette, there are plenty of fake money Android blackjack games available on Google Play. You’ll find everything from strategy helpers to live play trackers to multi-player tournament apps, if you look hard enough. Here’s a small sampling of what’s out there:

  • Live BlackJack (free), a multi-player blackjack game that lets you challenge your Facebook friends to matches. If you ever wondered who of your friends is the resident blackjack champion, now you can find out!
  • Casino Blackjack (free), a game with stripped-down graphics but a powerful simulation engine. You can see the expected value of your possible decisions while you play, which can help train you to make profitable decisions.
  • Advantage Blackjack (free), the ultimate blackjack strategy trainer. Features include a basic strategy driller, a card counting trainer, and a multi-player feature for challenging friends.


Playing Android Slot Machines


Android casinos aren’t just for table game enthusiasts – slots players can join the party, too. There are literally hundreds of different Android slots out there, all with unique features and gameplay. Mobile slots players have access to the same perks as PC players: progressive jackpots, mutli-payline machines, and bonuses to name a few. The only difference is that Android slots don’t require you to be glued to a chair in your house. You can spin the reels from wherever you are at any time you want.

Android slots come in all shapes and sizes. I’ve seen 3-reel machines, 5-reel machines, and multi-reel video slots all playable on my phone. I’ve come across fruit machine replicas, movie-themed machines, and classic bandit reproductions, all available at the tap of a finger.

Most machines let you tailor your stakes to whatever bet amount you want: coin value, paylines, and number of spins are all variable. These options make Android slots a true real money slots experience, equally as realistic as PC-based slots.

The number of fake money slot machines available for download through Google Play is staggering. What’s even more impressive is the usage statistics: the top Android slots have been downloaded between 5 and 10 million times. That’s a ton of people playing mobile slots on Android devices, and a good sign that a lot of developers are paying attention to the niche.
All you need to do is search “slot machine” at the Google Play store to see what I mean. Here’s a small sample of the apps you’ll find:

  • Slot Machine by Apostek Software (free), a well maintained slots app with hundreds of features. This machine has over 20 mini-games, which makes it more like a traditional video game than a slot machine. The experience is enhanced by a variety of different jackpots, free credit options, and a real-time leader board for some friendly competition.
  • Slot City, a solid machine decked out in Vegas-style neon for a realistic video slot experience.
  • Slot Machine – Megan Fox, a traditional 3-reel slot machine with an unexpected twist. As you win credits, you can use them to unlock wallpapers – of starlet Megan Fox. There’s something for everyone at Google Play, that’s for sure.


2 Types of Android Casinos


There are two basic types of Android casinos: casinos run by online gambling companies, and casinos available through Google Play. The former are mainly used for real money gambling, while the latter are used more for free and practice play. Here’s a chart to highlight the differences between these two types of Android casinos online:

Android Casinos Android Casino Apps
Developed by companies specializing in online gambling. Developed by independent coders, who may be either professionals or hobbyists.
Main attraction is portable real money gambling. Main attraction is practicing casino games for free or low-impact gaming.
Downloaded from a traditional online casino’s website. Downloaded from the official Android store, Google Play.
Always free to download. Sometimes free to download, sometimes available for a small fee.
Sometimes require you to deposit real money in order to purchase chips. Chips are always free (and thus valueless).


Android casinos run by online gambling companies tend towards realism. They offer games like Android roulette and blackjack, just as you’d find in a regular casino. Their programs feature true-to-life graphics and have gameplay rules that mirror those you’d find in Vegas. So if you’re looking for a realistic gambling experience on your Android, you’re probably best off choosing a real money Android casino to play at.

Apps you can download through Google Play are different. They aren’t developed or managed by online gambling companies. This means the focus is less on realism and more on features and fun. For example, some Android blackjack apps not only let you play the game, but also give you strategy tips as you play. Google Play roulette and slots apps often come with community-oriented bonuses like multi-player mode or a high score database. A lot of players really like these kinds of extras, and choose to eschew the world of real money gambling as a result. If you don’t particularly care about risking and winning real cash, you might find that Google Play casino apps are perfect for you.

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